Report Recycling Theft:

Report Recycle Theft

Recycling theft is illegal and contributes to higher garbage rates. The City of Pittsburg and Pittsburg Disposal Service are partnering to help prevent future theft.

There are 3 ways to report Recycling Theft:
1. If the theft is in progress, please call the Police Department at:
925-252-4090 or email
2. Please call our Report Recycling Theft Hotline at 925-692-2271.
3. Contact Pittsburg Disposal Service at 925-432-6262. *We will report it to the Police

When you report it, please try to get the following information:

1. License Number
2. Good description of the vehicle & person (s)
3. Time of theft (this is helpful for those who are not in a vehicle: who visit the same street, week after week)
4. Location/Address

If you have questions regarding Recycling Theft, please call Pittsburg Disposal Service at 925-432-6262 or the Pittsburg Police at 925-252-4090.