Pittsburg Disposal Service is proud to offer our Recycling School Program for students from preschool to 12th grade. Our exciting educational program will teach students about the importance of recycling and will encourage students to keep our environment clean.

We introduce simple, yet effective ways to help maintain our planet’s beauty for generations to come, while allowing students to reflect and engage with ideas of their own. With our grade-appropriate lesson plans that satisfy the California Standards, students will gain knowledge and enjoy interactive activities within a 30-to 50-minute time frame in the classroom.

In addition to school presentations, our Recycling Coordinators, are available to give tours of the Mt. Diablo Recycling Facility. A tour is about 45 minutes long. The Recycling Coordinator will provide an overview of the operations at Mt. Diablo Recycling and may include a walk-through.

We are dedicated to educating young people as to their responsibilities in preserving the environment. Our company’s motto is “We are here to serve you!” This new program is one way to give back and keep our communities clean, green, and beautiful for years to come.

If you are interested in learning more about our free new Recycling School Program, please contact our Recycling Coordinator at or via telephone at (925) 771-2721.