Condo/Townhouse & Multi-family Options
Pittburg Disposal Service offers service to condos, townhouses and multi-family units. To find out the rates, please
call Customer Service at (925) 432-6262
or email us at
Multi-Family Services
The base Multi-Family (MF) service includes garbage, recycling, and yard waste. Customers must meet these requirements to qualify for Multi-Family service:
 Must have more than four units
 Must be on a single bill
 Must have the same-size garbage cart

Bills are sent to management or the Homeowners Association.
Garbage: Within the MF basic service, customers have a choice of either a 32-, 64- or 96-gallon garbage cart. All customers within the Multi-Family complex must have the same-size garbage cart.
Recycling: Within the MF basic service, customers receive the blue 64-gallon recycling cart.
Yard Waste: Within the MF basic service, the customers receive the green 96-gallon cart.
Rental Properties:
Pittsburg Disposal Service offers rental property tenant accounts depending on the property owner account status.
Starting New Service:

Service will be started on your scheduled pickup day once all documentation is received and verified. Documentation required to start new service must be submitted two business days prior to your first scheduled pickup. For example, if your scheduled first day of service is Wednesday, all paperwork must be submitted by Monday. If documents are not received by the deadline, your service may be delayed until the following week.

If you require an off-day delivery or pickup, a $20 fee will be assessed. Carts will be delivered on your first pickup day. We will collect up to five bags of garbage at the curb for this initial pickup.
New tenants are required to provide their rental/lease agreement and photo ID to start service. These items may be faxed, emailed, or dropped off directly at the office.
Our fax number is: 925-771-8345
Our email address:

The rental agreement must be signed by both owner and tenant. All tenants listed on the agreement must be clear of disposal debts.
As long as there are no outstanding bills at the property we will open up an account for your new tenant. However, when there is an outstanding balance, we require the past due balance to be resolved before service will be re-started in the tenants name. Otherwise, the service must be started in the owner’s name.

We are basing these policies on Municipal Code: 8.04.210 “Collection of charges by refuse collector”.

A. Notwithstanding other provisions of this chapter, the franchise holder shall assume full responsibility for the collection of refuse charges to each user. Failure or refusal to pay the refuse collection fees when due subjects the premises to immediate discontinuance of refuse collection.

B. Discontinuance of refuse collection may require the owner of the premises to comply with the provisions of Article III of this chapter, Mandatory Refuse Collection Subscription.”

While the tenant, lessee, or occupant of any premises may be billed for refuse service, ultimately it is the property owner that is responsible for the bill if the tenant, lessee or occupant does not pay, or is unable to pay the bill.

These codes can be found at the following web address in above referenced Chapters: Pittsburg Municipal Code

If you have any questions please call our office at (925) 432-6262.
Rental Properties: We require new tenants to present a copy of the rental agreement before we start service. As long as there are no outstanding bills for the property, we will open the account. However, when there is an outstanding balance, we require service to be in the owner’s name.