Mandatory Recycling

Mandatory Recycling
Pittsburg Disposal and Mt. Diablo Recycling are happy not just to help make this a greener world but to help businesses comply with the state laws (AB 341 & AB 1826) that require commercial recycling.

Under AB 341: Recycling Paper, Plastic, Cardboard, Glass, Aluminum and Tin
Businesses generating 4 cubic yards or more of solid waste per week or multifamily residential dwellings of five or more units are now mandated to recycle.

Under AB 1826: Recycling Organics (Food and Yard Waste)

Businesses that generates more than 8 cubic yards of organics must recycle organic waste (i.e. green waste, landscaping and pruning’s, non-hazardous wood waste, food waste, etc.) by April 2016. By January 1, 2017, businesses that generate four cubic yards of organic waste per week, must arrange for organic waste recycling services.

What Can I Recycle Under AB 1826?

Yard Clippings:
Brush, CLEAN Saw Dust (cannot be from treated or painted wood), Flowers, Flower Cuttings, Garden Trimmings, Grass, Ground Clippings, Hay, House Plants, Leaves, Palm Fronds, Pruning, Shrubbery, Straw, Tree Twigs & Branches (must be 6” or less in diameter and no more than 3’ in length), Weeds, Wood Chips and Yard Debris.

Food Waste:
Bread, Bones, Coffee Grounds, Crackers, Cups, Dairy, Fish, Food Containers, Fruit, Grains, Leftovers, Meats, Napkins, Nutshells, Paper Plates, Paper Towels, Pasta, Pizza, Pizza Boxes, Tea Bags and Vegetables.

Please call Pittsburg Disposal Service to start organics recycling today: 925.432.6262.

Good News: Recycling is included in your garbage service. If you don't have a recycling container, please contact us today to receive one!

Here are some points to consider in managing your recyclables:

• Place no Hazardous Waste in the container. These wastes include, but are not limited to: oils, solvents, paints, pool chemicals, insecticides, car tires, and refrigerators/freezers with Freon. Please read instructions on all carts before they are disposed of.
• No dirt, concrete, or building material in carts or bins.
• Do not place large and bulky items in the carts.
• Locking devices are provided upon request for an additional charge.
And don’t forget, recycling carries many benefits, including pride among commercial customers, employees and tenants who take responsibility for recycling more and wasting less.

For further reference and information please download the following brochure: Why Recycle

Please call Pittsburg Disposal Service at 925.432.6262 for a recycling and waste review.